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An absolutely new and unique solution for the automated application of string neck label hangers on all kinds of bottle necks.

The system is capable of working with different tag formats already tied with either twine or elastic bands.

The ACP machine is completely automatic; the neck label hanger is taken from the stock holder, moved by a special device that enlarges the string or band, once enlarged a special plier takes the opened string hangtag and places it on the bottle neck.

The system is ideal with all variety of bottle formats, as the format changes it is very simple to adjust the machine (only two spacers have to be changed and the applicator bottle head set at the correct neck height, operations quickly made by any operator).

The ACP machine has a maximum production of 1500 b/h for each head (productivity depends on tag and string types).

The ACP has a patent pending technology.

For smaller companies, a single head machine is available.